Grandview Digfest is Saturday June 17, 2017 from 4-10:30 pm in the Grandview Yard.
Grandview Digfest


Digfest 2017 Music Lineup

We’re excited to bring you another Digfest of great tunes!

4-4:30pm – Kelly Zullo

Incorporating machine-gun acoustic guitar skills, live drumming and simultaneous “foot pedal bass,” Kelly Zullo takes the art of singer-songwriter to a new level. She breathes fresh air into the “one man band” concept, by using it as a vehicle to support her uniquely frenetic acoustic guitar playing, live-looped drums and quirky life-bent philosophy acoustic fun jams that take the listeners’ ears off with her speed, accuracy and syncopation.

4:30-5pm – Ian Hummel

Ian Hummel is prolific in the Columbus music scene. Hummel’s projects include The Apple-Bottom Gang (an eight-piece hillbilly orchestra), The Shazzbots (a space-themed rock band for children) and he performs as one of the ‘brothers’ in the group Me and Lil’ Brother, with Zach Whitney. It has been said that Ian Hummel has country music in his blood, so don’t miss his set this year at Digfest!

5-5:30pm – Zach Whitney

Zach Whitney sings, plays, and writes American music. He writes songs about hard work, hard livin’ and hard times. He writes about sin and redemption. He writes about love, companionship and the pain of love lost. He writes about the ordinary experiences we all share and helps us feel them in an extraordinary way. What Whitney does is make good, old-fashion country music.

5:30-6pm – Nick D’Andrea

Singer-keyboardist Nick D’Andrea is Nick D’ of Nick D’ and the Believers. He was a solo artist before ‘the Believers’ trio formed into what it is today, so join us at Digfest as Nick D returns to his roots for a special performance.

6-8pm – Whirlybirds

Whirlybirds is a modern swing/pop group formed after the untimely demise of the good ol’ DewDroppers. As they say, Keep on Swangin’.

Whirlybirds Digfest

8-10pm – Perennial Rye Bluegrass Band

The name is a bit of a botanical pun. Perennial Rye is a type of grass, similar to Kentucky Bluegrass- not quite as fancy, but also easier to care for and less problematic. This is similar to how Perennial Rye view their style of music. Drawing from roots in traditional bluegrass, and adding their own influences, the band creates a blend that is uniquely theirs. With roots spanning both coasts and many genres, they blend traditional and contemporary influences into a frothy mixture called Perennial Rye.

Perennial Rye