Grandview Digfest is Saturday June 16, 2018 from 4-10:30 pm in the Grandview Yard.
Grandview Digfest

Sideswipe Brewing

Craig O’Herron is a man who enjoys two things: drinking craft beer and kicking guys in the face.

In 2004, the black-belt martial artist traveled to Thailand to study Muay Thai kickboxing. During his time traveling and training in and around Asia, he made a startling discovery: there was nothing good to drink there.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Several years in Asia left him with no choice but to brew his own beer. Using mail-order supplies and makeshift equipment, Craig began honing the brewing techniques he developed years earlier in Ohio. He brewed stouts, porters, IPAs and other handcrafted suds inspired by the American craft beers he enjoyed drinking.

When Craig returned to the U.S. in 2009, he put fighting on hold and committed himself to elevating his homebrewing to a whole new level. Over the years that ensued, he developed a passion for bringing new twists to familiar beers styles and pushing the limits of what was possible. In 2013, he launched Sideswipe Brewing in Columbus, Ohio. With a name inspired by Craig’s history as a martial artist, Sideswipe is a small operation dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to craft dynamic, kick-ass beers.

Sideswipe. Truly unexpected.

Sideswipe Brewing