Grandview Digfest is Saturday June 16, 2018 from 4-10:30 pm in the Grandview Yard.
Grandview Digfest

The Actual Brewing Company

We used to brew together in the backyard, and talk about the virtues of the art of home-brewing versus the science of commercial brewing.

Homebrewers get late access to technological advances, but a lot of the love and craftsmanship seems to get left out of the industrial process. Since our burning passion for beer is complemented by a love of science, history, and of course industrial processes, we decided to try to bridge that gap. We want to make smart, cutting-edge craft beer with the sort of love you’d expect from a couple of backyard daydreamers.

We’re currently in the Blood/Sweat/Tears Phase of operation. Lots of late nights installing equipment, testing recipes, and getting the business end sorted out. We hope to have taps in bars and bottles on shelves by early summer. We’ve been extremely lucky so far, with our equipment, our buildings, our business, our relationships, but luck doesn’t win us everything. We know there are plenty of challenges ahead and we’re just going to climb over every one of them until our customers have their thirsts sated. It’s our job.

Our next steps involve a brewpub, smack in the heart of downtown Columbus, which is still being finalized, but our production plant is ahead of schedule and we expect to fulfill our promises and get cold beer into people’s hands when they’ll need it.

We’ve got big ideas for our future, but it all starts with a healthy community relationship. As we start and grow, we are focusing on things like green technology in the brewery, local sourcing, creative community involvement, and extensive yeast research. We want to be a resource for home-brewers, beer lovers, and the generally curious.

This area has a rich brewing history. We aim to be a part of it by making great local beer, and by educating and inspiring the next generation of Columbus brewers. is monitored by a whole bunch of us and if you’d like to drop us a note, feel free.


The Actual Brewing Company
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